もともと生もなければ滅もない there are no distinctions


In herently there are no distinctions between the process of life and the process of destruction; people make a discrimination and call one birth and the other death. In action there is no discrimination between right and wrong, but people make a distinction for their own convenience.


縁 causes and conditions


Since everything in this world is brought about by causes and conditions, there can be no fundamental distinctions among things. The apparent distinctions exist because of people's absurd and discriminating thoughts.

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汚れた心で with an impure mind


All things are primarily controlled and ruled by the mind, and are created up by the mind. As the wheels follow the ox that draws the cart, so does suffering follow the person who speaks and acts with an impure mind.

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心そのものの中 within the mind


It is from ignorance and greed that the world of delusion is born, and all the vast complexity of coordinating causes and conditions exists within the mind and nowhere else.



But the mind that creates its surroundings is never free from memories, fearss of laments, not only in the past but in the present and the future, because they have arisen from ignorance and greed.

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さまざまな世界 various worlds


The mind conjures up multifarious forms just as a skillful painter creates pictures of various worlds There is nothing in the world that is not mind-created.

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心によって作られる created by the activities of the mind


Just as a picture is drawn by an artist, surroundings are created by the activities of the mind. While the surroundings created by Buddha are pure and free from defilement, those created by ordinary men are not so.


心の変化 activities of mind


The activities of mind have no limit, they form the surroundings of life. An impure mind surrounds itself with impure things and a pure mind surrounds itself with pure things; hence, surroundings have no more limits than the activities of the mind.


すべてのものは心によってつくられる the functions of the mind


Both delusion and Enlightment originate within the mind, and every existence or phenomenon arises from the functions of the mind, just as different things appear from the sleeve of a magician.


悲しみと苦しみのもと all human woe


Theese three --- greed, anger and foolishness --- are,therefore, the sources of all human woe. To get rid of these sources of woe, one must observe the precepts, must practice concentratio of mind and must have wisdome. Obserevance of the precepts will remove the impurities of greed; right concentration of mind will remove the impurities of anger; and wisdom will remove the impurities of foolishness.


この三つの煩悩のない人 Those who have no such fever


Those who have no such fever have no difficulty in sleeping peacefully, even on a cold winter night, on the ground with only a thin covering of leaves, or on a hot summer's night in a small closed room.


その熱にうなされて he will suffer


Greed, anger and foolishness are like a fever. If a man gets this fever, even if he lies in a comfortable room, he will suffer and be tormented by sleeplessness.


煩悩 passions


Therefore, people should quench these fires whenever and wherever they appear by correctly judging as to what can give true satisfaction, by strictly controlling the mind in the face of the unsatisfactory things of life, and by every recalling teaching of good-will and kindness. If the mind is filled with wise and pure and unselfish thoughts, there will be no place for worldly passions to take root.


貪り、怒り、愚かさ greed, anger, foolishness


Greed rises in want of satisfaction; anger rises in want of dissatisfaction; and foolishness rises from impure thoughts. The evil of greed has little impurity but is hard to remove. the evil of anger has more impurity but is easy to remove; the evil of foolishness has much impurity and is very hard to overcome.

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静かな心と善い行い a pure and peaceful mind


It is only when a person maintains a pure and peaceful mind and continues to act with goodness when unpleasant words enter his ears, when others show ill-will toward him or when he lacks sufficient food, clothes and shelter, that we may call him good.

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環境が心に逆らってきても when the conditions change


Many people are like this woman. While their surroundings are satisfactory they are kind, modest and quiet, but it is questionable if they will behave likewise when the conditions change and become unsatisfactory.


棒で打った she struck the maid with a stick


The next day the maid got up late again. This made the mistress very angry and she struck the maid with a stick. This incident became widely known and the rich widow lost her good reputation.


女主人は怒った the mistress became angry


"If I am lazy for only a day or two, you ought not to become impatient." Then the mistress became angery.


女主人はとがめた The mistress scolded her


The following morning the maid did not appear before her mistress until nearly noon. The mistress was vexed and scolded her impatiently.

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よい環境がそうさせているのか because of her surroundings


One day the maid thought: "My mistress has a very good reputation; I wonder she is good by nature, or is good because of her surroundings. I will try her and find out."


ある金持ちの女主人 there was a rich widow


Once there was a rich widow who had a reputation for kindness, modestry and courtesy. She had a housemaid who was wise and diligent.

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永久に変わらないもにはない Nothing in the world is permanent


Nothing in the world is permanant or lasting; everything is changing and momentary and unpredictable. But people are ignorant and selfish, and are concerned only with the desires and sufferings of the passing moment. They do not listen to the good teaching nor do they try to understand them; they simply give themselves up to the present interest, to wealth and lust.

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眼前に起こることだけ present desire and present suffering


They lament and cry about their sufferings, entirely misunderstanding the significance their present acts have upon their following lives and the relation their sufferings have to the acts of their previous lives. They think only of present desire and present suffering.


善悪にかかわるすべてのことを信じない。They disbelieve


Most people disbelieve or ignore this law of cause and effect. They go on in their habits of greed and selfishness, being oblivious of the fact that a good deed brings happiness and an evil deed brings misfortune. Nor do they really believe that one's acts in this life condition the following lives and implicate others with regard to the rewards and punishments for their sins.


栄華の時勢は Times of luxury


Times of luxury do not last long, but pass away very quickly; nothing in this world can be enjoyed forever.

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頼りとすべきものは何一つなく it is lamentable


It is true that everything in this life is transitory and filled with uncertainty, but it is lamentable that anyone sould ignore this fact and keep on trying to seek enjoyment and satisfaction of his desires.

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このような人の仕業は、 This falling into discouragement


This falling into discouragement because of one's misfortunes and suffering is most unnatural and contrary to the law of heaven and earth and, therefore, one will suffer both in this world and the world after death.

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恩愛のきずなにつながれて how strongly they are bound


As years go by and people see how strongly they are bound by greed, habit and suffering, they become very sad and discouraged. Often in their discouragement they quarrel with others and sink deeper into sin and give up trying to walk the true path: often their lives come to some untimely end in thevery midst of their wickendness and they suffer forever.

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報いの定まっているところへ、 The laws of cause and effect


The law of cause and effect is universal; each man must carry his own burden of sin and must go along to its retribution. The same law of cause and effect controls good deeds. A life of sympathy and kindness will result in good fortune and happiness.

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ひとり生まれ、ひとり死ぬ。 a man is born alone and dies alone,


Truly, in this world of lust, a man is born alone and dies alone, and there is no one to share his punishment in the life after death.

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この世の争いは、 These feelings of dislike


These feelings of dislike do not soon end in acts of violence; yet they poison life with feelings of hatred and anger that become so deeply carved into the mind that people carry the marks into the cycle of reincarnation.

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賢い人は、 a wise man


When a wise man is advised of his errors, he will reflect on them and improve his conduct. When his misconduct is pointed out, a foolish man will not only disregard the advice but rather repeat the same error.

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絶対に助け合うことはできない cannot help the other


How can a son take his mother's place whe she is growing old? How can a mother take her son's place when he is sick? How can either help the other when the moment of death approaches? No matter how much they may love each other or how intimate they may have been, neither can help the other on such occasions.

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母は子を救い得ず、 it is impossible for a mother to save her son,


But there are three occasions when it is impossible for a mother to save her son or a son to save his mother. These three occasions are the time of sickness, the period of growing old, and the moment of death.

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母も子を救い得ず、a mother cannot help her son,


There are three occasions full of perils when a son is helpless to aid his mother and a mother cannot help her son:-- a fire, a flood and a burglary. Yet, even on there perilous and sad occasions, there still exists a chance for aiding each other.

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First, there are those who, because of wrong teaching, practise and cause themselves to suffer.
Second, there are those who, by cruelty, bystealing, by killing, or by other unkind acts, cause others to suffer.
Third, there are those who cause other people to suffer along with themselves.
Fourth, there are those who do not suffer themselves and save others from suffering. These people of last category, by following the teaching of Buddha, do not give way to greed, anger or foolishness, but live peaceful lives of kingness and wisdom without killing or stealing.

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人の性質 Man's nature


Man's nature is like a dense thicket that has no entrance ans is difficult to penetrate. Incomparison, the nature of an animal is much easier to understand. Still, we can in a general way classify the nature of man according to four ouutstanding differences.

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人の心は Human beings


Human beings tend to move in the direction of their thoughts. If they harbor greedy thoughts, they become more greedy; if they think angry thoughts, they become more angry; if they hold foolish thoughts, their feet move in that direction.

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正しきことさえ執着すべきではない even a good thing should be thrown away


This parable teaches that even a good thing, when it becomes an unnecessary burdan, should be thrown away; much more so if it is a bad thing.


ここに、ひとりの人が Once there was a man


Once there was a man on a long journey who came to a river. He said to himself: "This side of the river is very diffcult and dangerous to walk on, and the other side seems easier and safer, but how shall I get across?" So he built a raft out of branches and reeds and safely crossed the river. Then he thought to himself:
"This raft has been very useful to me in crossing the river; I will not abandon it to rot on the bank, but will carry it along with me."
And thus he voluntarily assumed an unnecessary burden. Can this mean be called a wise man?

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すべてのものにとらわれて distinctions between...


They make arbitrary distinctions between existence and non-existence, good and bad, right and wrong. For people, life is a succession of graspings and attachments, and then, because of this, they must assume the illusions of pain and suffering.

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人は執着する People grasp at things


People grasp at things for their own imagined convenience and comfort; they grasp at wealth and treasure and honors; they cling desperately to mortal life.

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富める人は A wealthy man


A wealthy man worries about his estate if he has one: he worries about his mansion and all other possessions. He worries lest some disaster befall him, his mansion burn down, robbers break in, kidnappers carry him off. Then he worries about death and the disposition of his wealth. Indeed, his way to death is lonely, and nobody follows him to death.

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人間の欲 Human desire


Human desires are endless. It is the thirst of a man who drinks salt water: he gets no satisfaction and his thirst is only increased.

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すべてのものは Things do not come and go


Things do not come and go; neither do they appear and disappear; therefore, one does not get things or lose things.